About Us


I’m Sausann, founder of Mama’s Bakehouse and mama to two wonderful young boys who share my love for freshly baked cookies.

Together as a family, we’ve moved several times in recent years, but for me, there are two things which always turn our new house into a home: the first is the fact we are always together, and the second is the smell of that first bake in the oven, and there’s nothing better than the comforting familiar smell of fresh cookies. 

After spending so much time at home in 2020, I had a lot of time for reflection, many conversations with my eldest son about our hopes for the future and a freezer drawer full of cookies from all the lockdown baking. To cut a long story short, with my son’s encouragement and my wonderful family’s support, I’m now on this journey to share my cookies and the flavours we love with you. 

I hope you enjoy my cookies as much as I love baking them!